Civil Rights

Torshen, Slobig & Axel, Ltd. enjoys a sophisticated practice in the area of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Our lawyers represent clients who have been the victims of police misconduct, sexual harassment, or discrimination based on age, disability and illness, national origin, sex, race, or religion, in employment, public accommodation, education, housing, or voting under federal or state law. We have also represented local governments and their officials in defending against claims of civil rights violations.

  • De Mauro v. Loren-Maltese et al, Case No. 98 C 8318 (U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division). We represented a former town attorney in a federal civil rights action.

  • Willmore v. Cicero, Case No. 97 L 8622 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois). We successfully represented town police officers in a civil rights action.

  • Hudson v. Burke, 913 F.2d. 427 (7th Cir. 1990). We successfully represented an alderman/city finance committee chairman in a civil rights action alleging the unconstitutional termination of city employee.

  • South v. Franzen, 90 Ill.App.3d. 595, 413 N.E.2d. 523, 46 Ill.Dec. 83 (4th Dist. 1980). Successful litigation of a civil rights action for a prisoner resulted in revision of the disciplinary code for inmates.

  • James K. Genden is the author of "Separate Legal Representation for Children," 11 Harvard Civ. Rights Law Review 565 (1976)